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Our Leadership Team.

Real Estate is in his blood!

From Residential flips, Commercial transactions, even Air BnB's and mobile homes, Trent has been a part of just about every type of deal you can think of.

Formerly licensed as a real estate agent in multiple states, he understands a Realtor's expectations and how to help real estate agents close every transaction possible.

As a Navy veteran, Trent brings a military level of organization and order to his real estate transactions.

Originally from Ohio, he has that hard working MidWest mentality, while fully embracing his new Floridian personality.

How long are you going to wait before you demand the best for yourself ?” 


Loves to work smarter, not harder!

Diligent. Motivated. Direct.

Woman of her word. Personable.

(Also, the funniest person she knows).

Treats every transaction the same,

no matter how big or small.



Bachelor’s degree from

Illinois State University

with Major in Criminal Justice

Best known for using her investigative and problem-solving skills to ensure all involved parties close your transaction flawlessly & timely!

Let Sarah help make all of your closing dreams come true!


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